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This gorgeous rural area sits like an umbrella above the urban sprawl of the ever-expanding GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The healthy rural lifestyle and abundant recreation opportunities makes the area popular place to live, while access to the city of Toronto remains practical.

The remarkable natural beauty has attracted many people to choose Caledon for their home, offering all sizes of properties: large estates, small hobby farms to expansive equine facilities, and architecture from unique log homes to historical farmhouses to today’s modern.

In terms of land use, Caledon although somewhat urban, is primarily rural. It consists of an amalgamation of smaller urban centers and their surrounding lands; more than 20 villages, and hamlets spread across approximately 700 square kilometres of gently rolling terrain, mixed forests and fertile farmland.


Erin is a town in Wellington County, situated 80 kilometres northwest of Toronto, Ontario. Erin is an amalgamated town, composed of the former Villages of Erin and Hillsburgh, and the Hamlets of Ballinafad, Brisbane, Cedar Valley, Crewson’s Corners, Ospringe and Orton, as well as the former Township of Erin. In addition, the town includes the smaller communities of Binkham, Churchill, Coningsby and Mimosa.

The Town of Erin is primarily a rural community, but while farming is still an important activity in the town, most of its population works in nearby cities of Brampton, Mississauga, Guelph and even Toronto.

The area offers a tremendous opportunity for sports and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, riding, golf, skiing, tennis, kayaking, swimming. Erin also offers fine dining, casual coffee houses, bistros, markets and ice cream parlours. All appetites will be satisfied! And the charming boutiques and local shopping will not disappoint.


Mono is a rural community in both geography and character. It has a wide variation in topography, being composed of mostly rolling, tree-covered hills. I holds many streams and creeks which form the headwaters of three rivers: The Humber River, Nottawasaga River and Credit River. Most of the town is located on high land relative to the rest of Southern Ontario. This leads to the area being known as the ‘hills of the headwaters.’

Mono’s residents live on farms, rural estates and in small settlements. Mono Centre, Hockley Village and Camilla are just some of the small communities which exist within the Town of Mono.

Headwaters/Hockley Valley

Many streams and creeks combine to form the headwaters of three rivers: the Humber River, Nottawasaga River and Credit River. In this area, where the land is higher relative to the rest of Southern Ontario, has earned its slogan of ‘the heart of the headwaters’.

The area offers a tremendous opportunity for sports and outdoor activities for the competitive sports enthusiast or simple family outing, including hiking, biking, riding, golf, skiing, tennis, kayaking, swimming.

Schools In Our Communities

The Caledon and Wellington/Dufferin region is home to excellent schools and public, private and Catholic school boards. To find out more about the schools in your area, follow the links below.

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There are many things to consider when moving your family into a new home. This includes what activities you and your family will do outside your new home! Our region offers bountiful outdoor activity and exploration in the form of hiking, horseback riding, biking, sports, and more.

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Local Farmers Markets

Enjoy locally grown produce and food and homemade crafts! Organic and specialty farm stores are a must visit, and if you’re driving through, be sure to look for the local producers with roadside stands selling fresh eggs, vegetables and preserves.


Seasonal: May-October

Erin: Friday 3pm-7pm

Inglewood: Wednesday 3pm-7pm

Orangeville: Saturday 8am-1 pm

Georgetown: Saturday 8am-12:30pm

Bolton: Saturday 9am-1pm


Guelph: Saturday 7am-12pm